Building Amenities

  • 151 Front Street West is Canada’s premier communication hub for global telecommunications carriers and data center firms. It is a mission critical facility and offers tenants many special features, including unsurpassed levels of security, reliability and connectivity.

    The building was purpose-built in 1954 to house telegraph equipment and has evolved together with the industry. Since it was first built, it has undergone a number of upgrades in order to better serve tenants in need of amptle fibre connectivity, cooling and power.

    Some special features of 151 Front Street West Include:

  • Fiber Connectivity

    151 Front Street West features more than 25 diverse fiber-optic points of entry (POE) into the building, offering tenants pathway diversity and total flexibility in terms of service providers.

    Its location, near the rail lines, a major right-of-way for the national fiber optic loops, further enhances access to national networks.

  • Interconnectivity: The “Meet-Me-Room”

    151 Front Street West offers tenants access to two highly secure fibre optic Meet-Me-Rooms which house access points for networks that span the globe. The Meet-Me-Room provides tenants centralized access to an array of service providers and carriers.

    The Meet-Me-Room is secured with 4 CCTV cameras and access is restricted and secure. It is equipped with an aspiring smoke detection apparatus (which is linked to a FM-200 fire suppression system) and a water and leak detection system.

  • Diverse Rise Systems

    151 Front Street West touts secure, diverse and redundant pathways which run through the building and connect tenant spaces directly to the Meet-Me-Rooms. The riser systems offer diversity for network security and also result in reduced installation costs and time costs.

    Equipped with an expendable vertical cable tray capable of holding 100 pounds per square foot, the riser systems also consists of horizontal cable trays on each floor which facilitates distribution to tenant spaces.

    The riser systems have 2-hour fire ratings and all riser rooms are under 24/7/365 surveillance and have alarmed door entry. Access is restricted, regulated and fully secure.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Security

    151 Front Street West is a highly-secured facility and offers a 24 x 7 x 365 uniformed security desk, CCTV cameras throughout, door entry-card access, a front door “mantrap” for controlled entry and limited, supervised access to all secured areas, including the Meet-Me-Rooms and Riser Systems.

  • Power

    A reliable source of primary power is of paramount importance to our tenants’ mission critical operations. The building features two incoming underground 13.8kV feeds (one of which is fully redundant and can be switched on seamlessly via an automatic protection and control mechanism).

    Numerous power upgrades have taken place since 2001 to better serve tenants of 151 Front Street West, including increased power capacity and two new 12.8/600 v 4000/5000kVA transformers.

  • Emergency (Back-Up) Power

    In order to sustain the load during possible power disruptions (and also to support our tenants during the annual, routine shutdown), the building has twenty-five diesel generators which offers a combined power capacity of 23,165 kVA.

  • Cooling

    Front Street West features “Enwave” Toronto’s deep-water cooling system. This offers tenants an economical and efficient method of cooling, given their higher-than-normal cooling requirements.

    Tenants may also install a secondary cooling system using glycol or the building’s return-water system or roof-top condensers.

  • Diesel Fuel Farm

    151 Front Street West features 4 environmentally-compliant diesel fuel storage facilities which can house up to 44,000 gallons of fuel for generators. Tanks are both tenant and building-owned. The building’s location on the site permits easy access for both refueling trucks and roll up generators, ensuring that facilities enjoy 7 x 24 x 365 operation during any emergency.

  • Structural Featurest

    151 Front Street West is engineered to accommodate the additional weight and vibration of tenant equipment. The building features a grid-iron network of structural steel on the lower and upper roofs to accommodate tenant and Landlord cooling towers, generators, chillers and condensers.